Are You An Independent Candidate – Parent?

Find out the reasons to take the PALSO exams:

  • Because PALSO uses every legal means to improve the services of the Foreign Language Schools.
  • Because the exams we organize are recognized either by ASEP or by the International Body ICC.
  • Because we ensure quality, impartial results and candidate-friendly examinations.
  • Because with more than 35 years of experience, PALSO prides itself on the certifications it provides.
  • Because we remain constantly by the side of the student and parent, providing informative opportunities on burning issues.
  • Because through Social Responsibility actions, the Federation promotes a world where all students have equal rights to knowledge and education.

Are you a Foreign Language School?

Learn more about why joining PALSO:

  • Because the Federation promotes and safeguards your own financial, trade union, insurance and educational interests.
  • Because we study every problem in our industry, propose solutions within the limits of law and prevent unpleasant developments.
  • Because we foster a spirit of solidarity and cooperation among the members of the Federation.
  • Because we have taken care of your own safety by setting up a Fund for Foreign Language School Owners.
  • Because we believe in lifelong learning and the need for continuous training and we organize informative seminars and webinars with specialized professionals as guests.
  • Because you will receive regular updates on actions and industry news that concern you through the Social Media, the Website and Newsletters.
  • Because “PALSO” brand name lends prestige and credibility to the exams your students take.
  • Because we enhance the involvement of the PALSO members in resolving the problems of the entire community and the children.

Video showing why we choose a lesson in the classroom

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