Message from the President of the Relief Fund

Dear Colleagues

“The Foreign Language School Owners Relief and Mutual Aid Fund belongs to the broad PALSO family. The Fund aims to provide financial support to its members and their family members during pleasant and difficult times of life in the form of hospital care benefits in case of illness, injury as well as a childbirth allowance and more.

Its members benefit not only from its ongoing support but also from an allowance which they get by the age of 60 and even before leaving the profession, which also increases according to their students’ participation in the LAAS exams.

I hope that its usefulness will be appreciated and that there will be full registration not only in the Relief and Mutual Aid Fund but also in the LAAS exams.

Always at your disposal with brotherly greetings ”

The president

Themis Patsiouras

The Relief Fund is managed by the following Board of Directors:

The Board of Directors of the Relief Fund consists of 8 elected members and 1 elected by the Management of the Federation.

Solon Evangelopoulos
Antonis Karapatakis
Antonis Kontoudakis
Maria Nikolaidou
Efthymios Patsiouras
Vicky Stana
Barbara Tzimorota
Michael Harris
Giorgos Hatzidakis

Audit Committee:

Nicoletta Maglousidou
Georgia Galata
Dimitris Tripkos

Articles of Association

Download the Relief Fund Articles of Association here

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