Who we are


The PALSO Federation is the most prestigious sectoral organization in its industry, comprising 40 local Associations of Language School Owners in Greece. PALSO has been successfully conducting foreign language exams since its inception, while actively supporting the interests of the owners of its Foreign Language Schools.

The Federation adheres to the principles and values ​​aimed at protecting the community of all language school owners as a whole, as well as public interest. Its goal is to administer exams with a view to improving language services and to encourage PALSO members and local associations to comply with the Code of Professional Ethics.

We share: The view of the competent judicial authorities against financial offers aimed at misleading the consumer.

We believe in: The value of language proficiency certificates provided through fair and transparent examinations.

We support: The equal treatment of candidates, which enhances students’ ability in all language skills.

We trust: Those Foreign Language Schools that have complied with the regulations of the Institute of Education and have specialized teachers in specially designed classrooms.

We clarify that: The Foreign Language Schools’ only activity is teaching a foreign language, according to what the Ministry of Education clearly states.


The mission of the Federation is to safeguard, study and promote the common economic, social and professional interests of all Language School Owners – members of the Federation. PALSO also aims to conduct foreign language merit tests, which are certified by recognized language proficiency certificates for participants at the same time.

History of the PALSO building

The building which houses the Panhellenic Federation of Language School Owners is one of the oldest and most historic buildings in Athens. It was built in 1932 on the same site and foundations as the 1821 chieftain Petrobey Mavromichalis and Greek Prime Minister Kalogeropoulos’, Petrobey’s father-in-law, home. It was purchased on October 18, 1989 and inaugurated on June 2, 1990 by the 5th Board of the Panhellenic Federation of Language School Owners with the following members:

Vasilis Kronidiris ♦ President

Maria Anastasaki ♦ First Vice President

Eleni Moutsiou ♦ Second Vice President

Thomas Christodoulides ♦ Third Vice President

George Petrogonas ♦ General Secretary

Vivian Visinou ♦ Treasurer

Popy Vassilakou ♦ First Examination Commissioner

Gianna Papavassiliou ♦ Second Property Commissioner

Aris Mazarakis ♦ Third Commissioner for events

Lela Sublis ♦ Fourth Commissioner for the Press

Costas Ganas ♦ Member

Grigoris Mitakidis ♦ Member

Giannis Floros ♦ Member

The building was renovated and designed by architects Thomas Hondos and Panagiotis Sebros.

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