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Introduction of Foreign Language Schools as authorized examination centers for various bodies.

In accordance with applicable law and administrative practice, it is prohibited for Foreign Language Schools to be introduced, make a contract with or in any way get involved in the process of certification of language learning by examining-certifying bodies involved in this activity. We note that the use of the Foreign Language School premises is also prohibited for conducting exams in any form (written, oral, electronic). Also, the authorization by a foreign body does not mean that the Greek law should not be respected. The Greek state has not conferred or waived its rights under the Constitution and the law.

Language learning exams conducted by other types of schools

Preparing for exams to get a language certification is considered foreign language teaching and therefore there should be a license to establish and operate a Foreign Language School.

Finally, we remind you that there is no collective agreement for foreign language teachers considered as compulsory. As a result, a professor who is not a member of a club – member of OIELE is not covered by any contract and only the individual agreement between the two parties applies. In addition, PALSO, due to a change in the legislation under the Memorandum, will also terminate this non-declared mandatory contract in the near future.

To learn more about the new Foreign Language School Law click here and here.

National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance (EOPPEP)

Renewal of a Teaching License

Updating a Teaching License

For deposit-related money

Procedure for granting a new tutorial and Foreign Language School license

License Transfer

Modification of  a Foreign Language School licence


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